Sport ana entertainment

Sport facilities of Stein Resort and its beautiful environment with intact nature offers broad possibilities of sport activities. An equipment for soft tennis, badminton, pétanque, streetball and ball games is available in the hotel.



horseback rides

Get to know the beautiful nature of the environment from the horseback! Stein hotel´s grounds include a stable with 18 horses. We organize horseback rides in terrain or lessons with a lecturer in a riding-school both in english and western style. Calm, well ridden horses that are suitable also for begginers are available for you. Our friendly Sultan the Ponny is already imatiently waiting for your kids!

Sport and experience programmes

Sport programmes are specially designed by Stein hotel team. They are suitable for all age categories and include sport and cultural experience, adventure and games for both little and grown-ups, adrenaline, rest, relax and wellness, outdoor and trekking.


  • terrain scooter rental
  • nordic walking
  • table tenis
  • swimming (outdoor pool, Skalka dam, Jesenice dam, Amerika pond)
  • crosscountry skiing
  • downhill course Aš, Arzberg (10km)

Sport activities in surrounding

  • karts
  • paintball
  • shooting range
  • tennis courts + nohejbal and voleyball (1km from the hotel)
  • climbing centre Cheb
  • 8 x golf yard in the region
  • biking
  • fishing
  • bowling in Cheb


On the bike with wind in your back! Hotel bike rental and plenty of cycling paths in the surrounding challenges for a cycling trips. You can choose demanding routes as well as routes suitable for families with children. We advise you the best route and lend the necessary maps.

Cycling paths in cheb surrounding:

path nb. path description lenght in km
36-2 Artery: Salajna – Luby (leads right around Stein hotel) 62 km
2056 Starý Hrozňatov – Podhrad, crossr. 5 km
2057 Hranice – Aš – Ostroh – Skalka u Chebu 42 km
2058 Krásňany – Hranice – Újezd – Aš 20 km
2059 Nad Peklem, rozc. – Krásná – Podhradí – Doubrava 13 km
2060 Aš – Vernéřov – Horní Paseky 9 km
2061 Vernéřov – Dolní Paseky – Podhradí 6 km
2062 Doubrava – Horní Paseky – Výhledy 12 km
2063 Mokřiny, crossr., - Kančí Údolí – Pomezná – Klest, crossr. 21 km
2064 Skalka, bus – Hazlov –Táborská, crossr. 5 km
2065 Vojtanov – Hazlov – Polná – Kančí Údolí 8 km
2066 Polná – Libá, crossr. – Dubina 7 km
2067 Libá, rozc. – Hůrka – Lužná u Ostrohu 3 km
2069 Cheb – Jindřichov – Třebeň, crossr. 6 km
2070 Cheb – Podhrad – Dřenice 9 km


Ecofarm and chidren minizoo

At the ecofarm in Stein hotel complex everyone gets a possibility to approach many common as well as unusual farm animals closely and learn a thing or two about their way of live and their needs.

Our guests are allowed to bring and stay with their own horses, too.

You can closely observe :

  • Scottish highland cattle - both adults and calves
  • Cameroon goats
  • Cameroon sheep
  • African ostriches
  • Australian emus
  • llamas
  • Ponnies and minishetland ponnies
  • Horses with foals
  • Minidonkey Barbie
  • Rabbits
  • Guinnea pigs
  • Dogs
  • Cats