Country wellness Concept

The combination of outdoor activities in the natural environment with a wide offer of wellness procedures, ecofarm and biogastronomy.

Modern way of life including regeneration of both body and mind. Everyone needs to draw new energy from time to time. During the relaxation, the muscle and psychological tension gets released. Enjoy a beneficial and relaxing wellness services of our Stein hotel and indulge yourself with a moment of rest and luxury.

beer spa, herbal, honey, flower, chocolate spa

Pleasant atmoshpere in beer, honey, herbal or other aromatic bathes together with a relaxing music will replenish your energy and strenght. These bathes are not just very pleasant and relaxing but also effective.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is a hot air spa with air temperature of 75-90°C and a very low relative humidity of 10-15%. It cleanses body and through metabolism it helps to clean body of the impurities present in sweat.

Sauna Stein – danarium

A combination of sauna and steam bath. Tis sauna´s temperature ranges from 45 to 65°C. This kind of spa is perfect especially for people who cannot stand high temperature of finnish sauna, for asthmatics and people with respiratory problems. Mobility improvement and light rheumatic pain relieve are another benefits of danarium.

roman aromatic spa

Sweating in water steam with a scented concentrate at various temperatures between 35°C and 60°C. Air humidity is almost at 100%. Cleanses skin, releases tension of muscles and nerves. This kind of spa is specially suitable for people who cannot bear high temperatures in classic sauna.


Massage pool with warm water where muscles are exposed to streams of water and bubbles of air. Releases muscles and stiff joints, brings relaxation, rehabilitation and energy regeneration.

Relaxing room

Environment with an emhasis put on relaxation. Final rest and calming for the organism. The beneficial effect after the procedures is completed with a soul-relaxing sight in the local nature full of horses, sheep, lamas and other members of our ecofarm.


Drinks – calm environment

Massage: sport and regeneration massage

Serve to refresh and speed up the tiredness removal and contribute to a better regeneration of muscular apparatus, hinder shortening of the muscles and increase their elasticity. Massages can be done on the entire body as well as on the specific parts.

Kinds of massage: sport, reflexology, lava stones, honey therapy, indian massage, chocotherapy

Therapeutic exercise, recondition

Medical exercise under qualified trainers´ supervision.

outdoor pool

From May to September our guests can use our outdoor pool of cca 8x4 metres.